About James Weil

James M. Weil - Advocate for All Writers

James M. Weil

James Weil started writing at the age of fifteen. Fresh out of high school, he was accepted into Antioch’s Summer Seminar for Writers at Oxford, England. From there he attended Antioch’s Writer’s Year Abroad in London.

Taking a two-year hiatus from school, he moved to Padua, Italy and worked odd jobs while working on his first novel. Although his first attempt at a novel was a miserable failure, he did learn fluent Italian and traveled extensively throughout Italy.

Upon returning back to the U.S., he spent a year in New Orleans working on river boats unloading various cargo at several Ports of Call on the Mississippi River. Eventually, he drifted off to San Diego where he stayed for ten years, devoting himself to serious study of the martial arts and working as a tile setter.

He graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Journalism, and spent several years working for newspapers and magazines. He is a self-taught computer programmer, and now works for the State of New York as a software engineer.

In the intervening years he wrote three novels: Swiss Chocolate, El Aguila and Esmeralda. All three of his novels were picked up by Chamein Canton Literary Agency.

He worked very closely with his agent, Chamein Canton, an award-winning, romance writer who has published nine books, and works her agency fulltime. He is responsible for getting four new writers published.

Beyond working fulltime for the State of New York, he recently formed Weil Editorial Services, Inc., and is currently working with three writers, editing manuscripts in his spare time.