Category: Short Stories

Apr 20

Harmony House

A brutal story about a young man being torn apart by his parents’ violent divorce, and his inability to cope with his mother’s alcoholism and his father’s abuse, until, finally, things come to a head when he faces down his father.

Apr 17

Turpitude & Bad Financing

A misguided, middle-aged man deals with the heartbreak of losing the love of his life, his job, his marriage, and ultimately his loss of self. A painful, brutally honest dissection of a man on the edge and what he will do to win back his identity, even though he is sitting on a house of cards.

Mar 21

The Last Summer

A nostalgic look at a high school summer romance from the point of view of an abused young man, whose upbringing prevents him from expressing his true feelings to the young girl he loves with all his heart. A painful, touching story of what happens to us when all we know is abuse and neglect.

Jan 06

The War Machine

A factory laborer destroys the machine he works on after finding out he is a cog in the instrument of war.

Jan 18

My Very First Short Story

Recently, I went through an old file cabinet and found my very first short story that I wrote when I was fifteen. I never did give it a title, and I never showed it to anybody. I remember being filled with rage when I wrote it because of the way I was bullied by my classmates. That’s when I first discovered that I had an outlet for all the pent up emotion inside me.