Esmeralda - A Man on The Verge of a Breakdown Finds Love

Esmeralda – James M. Weil

Publisher: Weil Editorial Services, Inc.
Publication Date: January 19, 2012
Format: Trade Paperback, 237pp; eBook
ISBN: 9781452407791
Price: $10.99
eBook: $1.99

Robert Price is a burnt-out man in his late forties  who works in a dead-end job as a programmer with a dying programming language at a medical collections agency. He knows in just a few years he will be completely obsolete. To make matters worse, he is so underpaid that he is about to lose his house. His wife is a relentless shrew that he can’t stand living with anymore, and who refuses to work.

So, to escape his miserable reality, he daydreams about being young and virile again with a phenomenally successful writing career and is in love with a beautiful Colombian rock star who very closely resembles Shakira. Basically, he is living two lives—his fantasy world and the one where he is about to be crushed by his obsolescence. In his fantasy world he is the perfect image of what he thinks he should be and is a gentleman to the core. There is nothing erotic in his fantasies; it’s all about blissfulness and being in love with the woman of his dreams.

In direct opposition to his deluded fantasies, his only true way to vent his frustrations is his overwhelming addiction to seeing a string of beautiful, Latin hookers in Queens. One of the hookers, a gorgeous Dominican named Kelly, falls in love with him, and they embark on an unlikely love affair.

Esmeralda is written for men, even though there is no true men’s fiction category in today’s publishing world. Many middle-aged men will relate to what the main character is going through, and what it feels like to be trapped by your own obsolescence. So many men feel immense loneliness in loveless marriages, and the enormous financial pressure men have on them in today’s job market where good jobs are few and far between make us feel hopeless at times. But there is a happy ending. It’s all about attitude and love!

I am a big fan of the novels of James Weil (Swiss Chocolate, El Aguila) and Esmeralda is no exception. Here, Mr. Weil explores the life of a middle aged, lost soul confronting a world of shrinking possibilities. A disturbing, evocative and ultimately redemptive story, Mr. Weil pulls no punches in his dissection of a male psyche on the verge of a nervous breakdown, wrestling with his demons as he tries to save himself and his family. His weapons of choice include fantasy and addictive sexuality. Not a book for the faint of heart, but definitely a book for those who are looking for a brutally honest exploration of existential despair in a fractured universe obsessed with money, fame and power. – Robert Margolis

Loved. It. 🙂
Amazon Review


Now, I wont say the ending, but first of all, the book was well written, I could relate to it, and I could see it on the big screen. However, I guess I believe that there should be a moral to a story, or something of a “what goes around comes around” lesson. I didn’t see that here. It was only $2.99, so oh well. – Amazon Review

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