Harmony House

Harmony House - A Story About A Violent Divorce

Harmony House

A brutal story about a young man being torn apart by his parents’ violent divorce, and his inability to cope with his mother’s alcoholism and his father’s abuse, until, finally, things come to a head when he faces down his father.

I originally wrote Harmony House when I was eighteen-years-old in 1977. At the time I was just a tape recorder. My entire life was crashing down before me, and all I could do is write it down as it was happening. Pretty much all the dialogue in the story was taken verbatim. I was a mess back then.

Over the years, I must have submitted the story to more than 250 literary journals and magazines. I got scores of snotty rejections from editors who took my writing as a deep form of effrontery. Some of them told me the story was vulgar and my use of language was completely unacceptable. I was years ahead of my time.

Funny after all these years Harmony House won first place in Dailey Swan Publishing’s 2011 Short Story Contest. Hundreds of stories were submitted from all across the country. The top forty were chosen and posted on Dailey Swan Publishing’s website and scribd.com. The winners were decided by reader choice.

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