The Last Summer

Abuse and Neglect Destroys A Summer Romance

The Last Summer

A nostalgic look at a high school summer romance from the point of view of an abused young man, whose upbringing prevents him from expressing his true feelings to the young girl he loves with all his heart. A painful, touching story of what happens to us when all we know is abuse and neglect.

This story was a reflection of a brief summer romance I had with a young girl between my Junior and Senior years at school. This was just before my parents’ divorce started, and I was tenaciously holding on to my innocence and youth. It was fruitless.

I wrote this when I was living in Philadelphia in 1989, and my loneliness was killing me. For whatever reason, I felt incredible nostalgia, so I pounded out this short short in just minutes, and left it at that.

Nothing ever came of it, until I published it on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, and other online Bookstores. Between 2012 and 2016, it was downloaded 2,759 times. Go figure.

Download The Last Summer as a PDF from here.